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Parenting is definitely not easy…

Children can be incredibly challenging, and some children can be more challenging than others. Even a generally well behaved child can make you want to tear your hair out with frustration at times. So if you happen to have a particularly difficult to manage child – a child who is frequently disobedient, angry, or anxious  – then chances are you will want some help.

Contrary to common opinion, super parenting doesn’t always come naturally. Most people learn to parent from their own parents. And our own parents learned to parent from their parents, and so on. But we live in an ever changing world. Society now expects far more from parents and children, so the job is a lot harder than it used to be. You are expected to raise perfect, well-behaved, psychologically healthy children, but nobody tells you how to do it.

Children’s bad behavior can develop for a many different reasons.

Challenging children usually struggle to manage their emotions and reactions. Sometimes this is a result of anxiety or low self esteem. Sometimes it is in reaction to trauma or family conflict. Sometimes bad behavior is copied, or is simply an attempt to win attention. And, of course, in some cases emotional and behavior problems are due to neurological disorders, such as Autism (ASD) or ADHD.

What is common across the board, however, is that the more children misbehave, the more stressed, angry and powerless parents tend to feel. And the more stressed, angry and powerless parents feel, the more children misbehave. And so it goes on.

So how can you get your challenging child’s behavior under control, and help them to become a happy and well adjusted person?

Parent training courses can be very helpful, provided they are run by qualified professionals and based on sound evidence based strategies. But courses can be expensive and time consuming. If you are a typical parent, you probably don’t have the time or energy to attend a weekly program, and they are frequently offered at inconvenient times of day or night. Besides, not everyone feels comfortable sharing their private family business with a group of strangers.

If only there was an affordable, private parent training program that you could do at any time of day or night, in the comfort of your own home or office.

Well now there is….

My name is Lorri Craig Private PsychologistLorri Craig, and I am a psychologist in private practice. I have worked clinically with children and parents for many years, so have helped literally thousands of parents learn to manage their children’s behavior and emotional reactions.

I do that by teaching parents simple but incredibly effective strategies to help them to get their children back on track.


And now I’ve put all these strategies together into an online downloadable parent training Video Workshop Series called…..

‘How to Manage Your 3 to 10 Year Old Child’


‘How to Manage Your 3 to 10 Year Old Child’ basically does what it says on the tin. It would be useful for any parent of any child between the ages of 3 and 10 years [also parents of smart 2 year olds or immature 11 year olds]. But the program is particularly helpful for parents of children who are sometimes difficult to manage, anxious or angry.

The package is purely digital, so you will be able to download it and start straight away. No waiting around for a package in the post.

The Package consists of:
• 3 hours of interactive video training
• Workbooks with written exercises
• Course notes
• Sample reward certificates and behavior charts.

Everything you need to get your child’s behavior under control.

There’s also a BONUS Calm Assertive Parent Relaxation Audio, to help you practice staying calm and relaxed, but in control when dealing with your children.

Plus, for a very limited time, every purchaser will receive a complimentary BONUS 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION with me by Skype or phone.

This will give you the opportunity to ask specific questions about managing problems within your own family.


How it Works

You can arrange an appointment by emailing me at lorri@lorricraig.com straight after your purchase, or wait a day or two for me to email you. You can have the session before you start the course or at any time during it, or you might prefer to wait until you complete it. If you want to involve the other parent, I am happy to meet with you jointly. You can even have the session by email or chat if you prefer. And you can take up to a year after purchasing the training package to arrange it.

Meanwhile, you can watch the workshop style videos and apply the strategies to your family in your own time at your own pace, daily or weekly, or whenever. Each video is about an hour long, but you can watch them in shorter segments if that’s more convenient for you.

Parents often tell me that they need regular parent training course top ups, to remind them of the strategies they’ve learned in the past and forgotten. With this program, you will have unlimited personal access, so you can repeat the training, or parts of it, as often as you like.

I Guarantee This Course Will Help

I know these strategies work, because they are based on sound psychological principals, and I have seen them work time and time again with my clients. It’s not rocket science, but it is science.

And I am so sure that this training will be effective that I am offering you a fail-safe 60 day guarantee. If you don’t experience a significant improvement in your child’s behavior [and your stress levels] after completing the series, and applying the strategies, I promise I will give you your money back, without fuss.


How Much Will This Cost?

Many people have told me that this Parent Training Program is worth far more than US$200. Some of my clients even thought that $300 would be an absolute bargain, because they pay much more for the same amount of information from me. And most parent training courses from other psychologists are pretty expensive.

But my goal is to help as many parents and children as possible, not just those from wealthy families. I want to share this material with parents at a truly affordable price, so that more families can access it and benefit from it.

So I have decided to make the whole package available for just US$99. Or at least, that’s what I plan to sell it at in the future.


But, for a very limited time, you can have the entire package for a mere

That’s 70% off the already incredibly cheap price.

AND [if you buy right now] you will get a FREE BONUS 30 minute consultation with me!

This gives you the chance to have a one to one confidential conversation with me by phone or Skype about your individual parenting issues or specific concerns about your child or children. This offer won’t be available for long, so please don’t delay or you could miss out.


Just think, investing $29.99 today could change your family’s lives forever. I won’t be able to keep the package at this ridiculously low price for long [especially with the free consultation], so I hope you decide to grab it today. And with the 100% no-fuss guarantee you and your children have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

So go ahead… click on the BUY NOW LINK and you could begin to effectively manage your child’s behavior today. I look forward to meeting you.

Warm wishes

Lorri Craig 

Normally $99

For a limited time ONLY $29.99 !!!   with FREE BONUS CONSULTATION


  What to do Next


  • Just click on the ‘BUY NOW‘ button above to go to a Secure PayPal transaction page where you can pay with a Credit Card, or Debit Card, or through a PayPal account.


  •  After payment you will be taken to a download page where you can download and save the package onto your computer and start straight away.


  •   I will email you details of how to arrange the free consultation soon after your purchase. You can choose to use it straight away, or delay it for up to a year if you wish.


  •  Remember, you have to move quickly to get the discount and bonus consultation offer. The sooner act, the sooner your children will become happier and better adjusted individuals, and the sooner you will be able to sigh with relief and enjoy being a parent.



Lorri CraigHappy parenting :-)

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